Assault Helicopter Company

Day 2 Day Life
(Photos by men of the 281st AHC)
(Under Construction)


[Photos by Steve Matthews]
Say what?                             Way cool!


[Photo by Ken Hamilton]                                                [Photo by Steve Matthews]
Stew bait saved again!    R&R tan, the wife'll love it!


[Photo by Kevin Farrington]                                        [Photo by John Galkiewicz]
Susie on guard duty!        Bad breath in "kid."


[Photo by David Sherrill]                                                                                          [Photo by Paul Swol]
We'll send Phread in after him!    Who knew it wouldn't float?


[Photo by Jerry Stanfield]                                                                                                                        [Photo by Paul Swol]
Swab! Swab! Swab!                               GOLD my ass!