281st AHC History




Don "Corky" Corkran
"Wolfpack 33"  11/66-8/67


Trubee Krothe
"Wolf Pack Gunner"  2/67-9/67
"I served with two units in Vietnam.  The first was the 101st from September 1966 to February 1967, then I transferred to the 281st AHC (1st Avn Bde).  I was in the gun ship platoon.  We had 6 ships.  We also had slicks - about 10 if I remember right. Our name was "Wolf Pack"  our call sign was "Death on Call."   Some of our ships were named.  Our ships were the "Grave Digger," the "Widow Maker," the "Deacon," the "Pall Bearer," the "Mortician" (mine, tail # 552).

We were attached to Project Delta 5th Special Forces.  We did insertions of LRRP teams and joint ops with ARVNs and some out of country work.  Our most memorable AO was the Ashau Valley where my ship was shot up several times.  Once we did a running landing on our landing strip because we lost some control when the control tubes (rods) in the belly were hit.

A few names from the past were Danny Deginova, Frankie Esqulin, CPT Stevens, Sgt Bitle, and me among others.  I have never seen or heard from any of those fellows again.  It would be good to see how some of the guys fared in life.  I did O.K."


Jack W Serig
"Rat Pack" 67-68 "Walter Wrobleski, who was pilot when Corky went down, was in my 1st Platoon initially. He fought to go to guns from the moment he arrived in Nha Trang. Approved his transfer to guns finally, and we lost him, still MIA. Those who fought, and died, to get them out is what brings the near tears.