281st AHC

  Every good photo album should have an index to its pictures, so this page is the index to the individual pages that contain the various 281st AHC, Vietnam Theater, Special Forces and other images of interest to the viewers of this site. .
[NOTE: These pages are image intensive and may take some time to download.]

[Last updated: 12/30/02]

UNIT PATCHES   - Pictures of Unit patches, both official and not

PHOTOS1.HTML - Photos/images of 281st AHC Company area

PHOTOS2.HTML - Photos of 281st AHC "INTRUDERS"

PHOTOS3.HTML - Photos/images of 281st FOBs, air assault, and related subjects

PHOTOS4.HTML - Photos/images of Special Forces and Special Operations

PHOTOS5.HTML - Photos/images of Vietnam, air assault, aviation and related subjects

PHOTOS6.HTML - Photos/images of Army/Vietnam related medals and awards

PHOTOS7.HTML - Photos/images related to US Army Flight School

PHOTOS8.HTML - Photos/images related to Vietnam era, military, and veteran subjects