Rick Galer

Bandit & Wolf Pack

March 1968 - July 1969


I'm standing in the door in the upper left hand corner with the Carbine. This picture was used on our Christmas Card that year. I still have one. It reads, "Wolf pack Death on Call wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." Bain Black is just to my right standing behind the the guy holding the M-60. 

Now the guy in the center of the cargo door, I believe he had a camera mount made for his helmet and shot film of some missions. I can't remember his name. 

Steve Matthews, you'll be interested in knowing the guy with the M-16, third from the right was my co-pilot on the mission audio tape I sent you. Can't remember his name but his nick name was "Half a Howlie" being one half Hawiian and one half main-lander or "Howlie". 

Somewhere in the picture are Kirchmeyer and Deischer also on the mission that day. Bain Black was flying lead, then someone, then me and the above named in a hog frog. 

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Me                                                                                Mike Coker (Rat Pack) and me


Delta detail, everyone helps                                                    Contraband?  never