281st AHC
4 July, Dallas, TX

These pictures were provided by Steve Matthews (Rat Pack 68-69) and his wife Peggy at the mini-reunion at VHPA in Dallas, TX.

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Intruders at the Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas July 4, 2005

Back, L-R:  Steve Matthews, Don Corkran, Jeff Murray, Bill James
Front, L-R: Walt Pickel, Roger Barnes, Lynn Coleman, John


Steve & Peggy Matthews with Kathy & Pat Carey (flight school buddies)


Roger & Mrs Barnes with Karla & Don Corkran (Intruders)

Lynn and Mrs. Coleman (Intruder)


Ft. Wolters, TX

Steve Matthews with Pat Carey (flight school buddies)


Beach Army Hospital (or what's left of it)


Brazos Villa Apartments, Mineral Wells

Brazos Villa Apartments courtyard

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