281st AHC
5 July, San Francisco, CA

These pictures were provided by Steve Matthews (Rat Pack 68-69) and his wife Peggy at the 281st AHC mini-reunion held during the VHPA Reunion in San Francisco, CA.

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Intruders at the Marriott Hotel, San Francisco on 5 July 2005

L-R:  Lynn Coleman, John Hyatt, Roger Green, Bain Black, Jim Baker


L-R: Joe Bilitzke, Dennis Crowe, Jack Mayhew


Steve & Peggy Matthews

Peggy Matthews with Dennis and Helen Crowe

Bain and Karen Black

Lynn and Diane Coleman

L-R: Roger Green, Helen Crowe, Shirley Green, Jim Baker, Dennis Crowe, Joan Baker

Jim Baker & Dennis Crowe
San Francisco, CA

Sights of San Francisco

"Eric Burdon & The Animals" Concert

San Francisco Belle Dinner Cruise

Helicopter ride over San Francisco Bay

Parting shots of San Francisco Bay

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