Intruders Reunited

1 February 2003 - Jena, LA

The first reunion for Frank Little, Earl Broussard, and Ronald 'Red' Renfrow at Red's home in Jena, LA.

Frank, Earl, "Red"

When we were young warriors.   

Earl Broussard wrote:
This past weekend Frank Little, Ronald (Red) Renfrow, & myself were reunited for the first time since 1967.  Red was wounded in April or May 1967 and medi-evacted back to San Antonio, TX, to get his wounds to heal.  That took over 3 months and he was finally reunited with his family and the road to healing continued.  We lost all contact with him for the next 34 years.  We started out tenuously getting to know one another again and then it was like time had not passed at all.  We three fell back into same three guys we were back a long time ago.  We had a good time and reminisced about times and the close calls that we experienced along time ago. We all have our ghosts but we surely had a good time with each other and all felt a lot better for the visit.  Of course we planned to do it all over again.