Duane "Tubby" Brudvig
WolfPack Gunner



In war there have been individual men

Who have risen to the occasion when it was time

There stories have been put to the pen

Placed in books, on film, or written in rhyme


In this war there was a platoon that stood out

Making their mark in the annuals of history

Flying in helicopters was what they were about

What made them special is still a mystery


They all had different backgrounds before signing on

But they had one love and one reason to fight

Flying in an aircraft equipped with M-60, rocket pod and mini-gun

Gave them the wherewith to prove their might


When the guys on the ground were in big trouble

The Wolf Pack crews were always ready to lend a hand

They would arrive at the scene on the double

To cover the teams and the hole ships who had to land


If one of their own was down for the count

They would rally their courage and strength

With an all out effort they would mount

An attack that would repel the enemy at great length


Once they were back home safe and sound

With their loved ones by their side

They would remember those who kept them around

Especially those who risked it all and died


So who was this band of men called Wolf Pack?

They were ordinary guys who volunteered to do

A tough job where other would lack

The wanton disregard and tenacity to follow through


They were brave men those soldiers of the air

Fighting with their machines from the sky

To show others in need that someone up there

Was willing to protect, rescue and even die


For no greater love has any man than that one

Who was willing to lay down his life for a friend

Just as out Savior did for everyone

Because of his great love for us, that He did send


This was penned by Duane “Tubby” Brudvig
Who now resides in
Bella Vista, AR, with his Lovely wife Deborah Faye..